The Approach

Here is a marked-up schematic for the old auto-locator that was made for the MTR-12 back in the day.

I’m going to split this project into the following tasks:

  • Power (yellow)
  • Lamps (blue)
  • Switches (green)
  • Display (orange)
  • Keypad (purple)

And then add the things that aren’t part of the original:

  • Midi Functionality
  • Control Software

I don’t plan on incorporating the variable speed control into my version of this, but one certainly could. I would simply add a digital potentiometer to the Arduino. I have no use for that functionality, as we are a mastering facility, and I can’t remember the last time someone asked me to change the playback speed of a tape machine.

So, here we go. First up will be the power section…

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