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The following information is intended to answer the most common questions you may have about mastering. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to email us.

Source Formats

ISRC and UPC/EAN numbers

Encoded Information

Delivery Formats

Methods of Payment

Preparing Your Mix For Mastering

Content will be available shortly. Thank you for your patience.
Content will be available shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Infinite Wave has a mandate to support and encourage education in audio. We participate in many educational projects.

In The Banff Centre’s powerful mountain setting in the heart of Banff National Park, exceptional artists and leaders from around the world create and perform new works of art; share skills and knowledge in an interdisciplinary environment; and explore ideas and develop solutions in the arts and leadership. Infinite Wave's mastering engineer, Dave Horrocks, has been guest faculty at the Banff Centre for many years.

As the professional society for audio, the AES serves its global membership by providing educational resources, leadership in the development of new standards and technologies, and forums for the exchange of creative and scientific information. We are, and have been, sustaining and active members of the AES.

The University of Lethbridge offers a fine arts music degree in Digital Audio Arts. Dave Horrocks has been a guest lecturer in this program for many years.

Sample Rate Conversion Comparisons
Infinite Wave Sample Rate Conversion Comparison Project

Originally developed in response to discussions amongst mastering engineers on Glenn Meadows' Mastering Webboard, our Sample Rate Conversion Comparison Project has grown to become a very popular resource.

With a database of over 250 different conversions, this portion of our site enables you to compare the performance of most software and hardware sample rate converters on the market.

View our rss feed.Subscribe to the RSS feed for our SRC comparison project, and be notified of updates and additions as they happen.

View our project blog.A bunch of audio engineers have convinced Dave to blog about some of the stranger things he gets up to. If you are bored, and nerdy, check it out.

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