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Infinite Wave Facility

We have a fabulous collection of equipment that we know intimately. We have a variety of equalizers and compressors so we can choose the best colour for any given piece of music. Mastering is a very creative process. It is critical to have the right equipment at our disposal. Our basic equipment list is on the right side of this page, but additions are made very frequently, and new technology is tested regularily.

Infinite Wave Mastering's reputation for sonic excellence precedes itself in the recording and music business. It's a given that our studio is equipped with the finest in analog and digital technology, as well as the best signal path and listening environment possible. This ideal studio environment enables us to hear and manipulate every nuance, ultimately crafting our client's music to achieve their sonic goals.

Mastering Engineer
Dave Horrocks - Mastering Engineer

Mastering engineer Dave Horrocks' diverse list of credits includes projects for such artists as Jann Arden, Herb Ellis, Rufus Wainwright, Questlove, Ian Tyson, Corb Lund, Dudley Moore, Iris DeMent, Donal Lunny, Jessica Williams, Paul Brandt, David Essig, James Keelaghan, Jay Semko, Stephen Fearing, Cindy Church, Jack Semple, Tim Williams, Jason McCoy, Zuckerbaby, Chixdiggit, Huevos Rancheros, iiO, The EarthTONES, The Dudes, Tate McRae and Olav Basoski, to name a few. Many of the recording industry's best producers, engineers, and artists rely on Dave's ears and expertise to ensure their artistic vision reaches their audience.

Monitoring System
Dunlavy SC-V (Front L/R)
Dunlavy SC-IVA (Surround L/R)
Dunlavy HRCC-1 (Centre)
Bryston 9B
Custom Neve Mastering
Custom Crookwood Router
Mytek Digital 8x192 (x3)
Cranesong HEDD 192
Tape Machines
Ampex 440B 1/2"
Otari MTR-12 1/4"
Outboard Effects
Weiss DS1-MK3
Manley Vari-Mu (x2)
Shadow Hills Mastering
API 2500
Waves L2
EQ :
Manley Massive Passive
GML 8200
Dangerous BAX EQ
Neve 1073 (x6)
Urei 2109 (x6)
Magix Sequoia
Eden (Proprietary)
Algorithmix, SSL,
iZotope, Voxengo,
Waves, Steinberg,
Sonalksis, Sony
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