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Infinite Wave Mastering

Artists from around the world have trusted their music to Infinite Wave since 1994. What sets us apart is that we achieve your musical vision, not ours. We are not happy until you are happy. Of course, we have the finest analog and digital equipment, an extremely accurate listening environment, impeccable quality control and thousands of projects in experience.

Infinite Wave Mastering is known for our attention to detail and sonic excellence. We have a passion for mastering music, regardless of the scope of the final product. Be it CD, DVD, Internet, Film or Television; we strive to always provide the best sounding masters for your recording.

Our quality control measures are second to none in the industry. Every master is put through multiple levels of testing to ensure that your master is not only error free, but sounds as wonderful as it should. This quality assurance applies to every master that we do, be it physical or digital, and without regard for the size of your audience.

ADM Yes, we are an official Apple Digital Masters provider.
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